How to Fix Pokewalker

I recently posted about Problems with the Pokewalker talking about small problems with the design of the Pokewalker.  Unfortunately, It has a few unseen problems.  I’ve received several reports of the Pokewalker or Nintendo DS game glitching and the device would no longer work.  Thankfully, there is a solution.

If your Pokemon is on a stroll and you lose the Pokewalker or it glitches, you can retrieve your Pokemon. You can restore the Pokemon by going to the Pokewalker Connection Screen and press and hold: Up + Select + R.  If you restore the Pokemon and it is still on your Pokewalker you will not be able to transfer it back (essentially making two of the same Pokemon).

Once you restore the Pokemon (or your Pokewalker has other issues) you will need to reset the back to it’s original settings.  To reset your Pokewalker, go to your Pokewalker Connection Screen and hold: Down + X + L.  This will sync the Pokewalker with your Pokemon game.

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